Xilinx Vivado 2016.4 SDK not launching; more bugs

Xilinx’s tools seems to always come with their fair share of problems.

I installed the latest version, Xilinx Vivado 2016.4, hoping that I could avoid hacky fixes to get it running (and on Windows 10, too!) I was wrong.

Fortunately, the solution is just about always found on their community forums.

(Old stuff: http://z5014942.web.cse.unsw.edu.au/vivado.html)

Pro-tip on working with any Xilinx tooling: (Seriously, you can literally save hours!)

I HIGHLY recommended finding and reading the list of KNOWN ISSUES for your version of Vivado whenever you get stuck. It is quite possible that it is not you who “stuffed up”..

Another tip: BACK UP YOUR PROJECT FILES in case Vivado begins to hang during synthesis.. so sad this happens 🙁