24 hours with ProPresenter on Windows

The Windows version of ProPresenter is unfortunately quite buggy, and has been so since the last time I used it in 2014.

The software seems to slow to a crawl constantly, which is a problem when live (e.g. disrupting a large audience is not cool). For this reason, I do not recommend the Windows version of this software, irrespective of how awesome your PC hardware is.

The Slide Editor in particular seems to cause the most trouble for me. Opening the Slide Editor can take about a minute, as you sit waiting and wondering if it has completely locked up. Once in the editor screen, ProPresenter seems to become unresponsive very quickly.

Some good Windows alternatives are FreeWorshipProclaim, OpenLP, etc., and of course PowerPoint. Note: The Mac version of PowerPoint does not have slide editing capabilities during live mode; the Windows version does.

However if you’re after the multiple display and stage display features of ProPresenter, I vote getting a Mac.

Anyways, here’s some fixes to some problems I’ve been experiencing:

ProPresenter freezes on start

When prompting for the registration key, ProPresenter just freezes. Force quit it and start it again.

There’s also another case I’ve run into a few times:

Enable write permissions for the Everyone group for C:\ProgramData\Renewed Vision Media

ProPresenter does not license because the Bonjour service is not running.

If the Bonjour service is crashing when you manually try to start the service, try uninstalling your current version of Bonjour, then installing https://support.apple.com/kb/dl999

If this fixes your problem, a recent iTunes update is likely to blame. Set automatic updates to “Never” in “Apple Software Update”.

ProPresenter freezes during service

First thing to try is pressing the ESC key. If you have… interesting monitor DPI’s… sometimes dialogs don’t ‘appear’ onscreen. Move PP6 to a different monitor and try again.

A strange empty white dialog box kept popping up,

Other times, it’s actually frozen. Sometimes the log file shows things such as ‘System.OutOfMemoryException: Exception of type ‘System.OutOfMemoryException’ was thrown.’, however there may not be a corresponding failure logged.

If this is the case… ‘freeze’ the projector display and restart PP6??

btw, ProPresenter have great technical email support!