Work uses Macs exclusively, so it was time for me to brush up on some macOS skills. It gets a bit confusing when your jumping in between macOS, Windows, and Linux DE’s…

Get to know the funky symbols

  • Control
  • Option
  • Command
  • fn

The command key is the primary modifier for shortcuts. (e.g. Cut, Copy, Paste)

command + x

command + c

command + v


Command + Spacebar

Text movement
To jump between words, use option + arrow key

Home/End keys
fn + left/right arrow


Delete key
The delete key does a backspace.
To do a “regular” delete, hit fn + delete

Maximising Windows

This is weird and inconsistent on macOS, which only “zooms” windows, not maximising both height and width.

Try shift + double click title bar. This at least works with iTerm, but not Safari.

Double clicking an edge of the window, with the resize cursor, will expand the window to the respective edge on the screen.

Third-party solution

control + command + f

Virtual Desktops
Four finger swipe

control + arrow key

**Snap window to left/right of screen


Hold the green title bar button

Cut in Finder