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👉 Desktop + web solutions to aid with presentations, vision systems and more ...

🌈 Welcome to VisionScreens Software!

💡 Purpose

To develop no-frills, easy to use & tailored software.

Low-end hardware requirements.

I plan to release the source code publicly where possible, in the hope of encouraging innovation and improvement.

💣 Disclaimer

These projects are undertaken outside of my full-time job and other responsibilities, so this site will not be updated often and no commercial support provided.

Now under development

I hope to complete these projects sometime :>

PowerStage - PowerPoint Web Remote and Stage Display

Use any phone, tablet or another computer as a PowerPoint remote control. Change and jump to slides using thumbnails.

Or, use it as a stage display - including countup, countdown timers and stage messages

**Prototype not published yet**

PowerStage Screenshot

Ideas & prototypes

These projects are made public for interest's sake, but at this stage aren't very useful right now

Audio Recorder (ALPHA)

Podcast audio recording app for Windows

(This is a prototype - we still use Audacity ourselves.)

Goal for this project: be able to split a recording session so that different sections (music, sermon) can be saved in separate MP3 files?

Pro6 --> PPTX

One of the shortcomings of ProPresenter is that it *needs* a beefy computer. We don't have such laptops, so I'd be great if song files could simply be converted to PowerPoints as needed, particularly when away from the AV desk PC

VisionScreens (WIP)

No-frills church presentation software

Simple & reliable presentation software. Coming 2020.