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PowerStage - PowerPoint Web Remote and Stage Display

Use any phone, tablet or another computer as a remote control for PowerPoint


Bonus: Turn any device into a 'stage display' for PowerPoint, and use the remote to send messages

Requirements for slideshow computer

Supports only the Windows version of PowerPoint. Sorry Mac users!

No installation required - just download and run.

Requirements for remote control devices

Anything with a web browser! iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Mac.

Devices must be connected over the same Wi-Fi or LAN network.


Multiple presentations

Editing slides


What is the security on this thing?

Bad. I advise you at least use this software only on a secured Wi-Fi network.

Does this thing need internet access?

No, it just needs a network connection. This could even be just the Wi-Fi hotspot feature built into Windows 10, with or without internet access.

I am an IT administrator. What do I need to know?

This application may require Administrator privileges to unblock it from the Windows firewall.

The application can be configured to use a specified port number - this will require Administrator privileges at launch.

If unconfigured (default), a random port number is picked by the Windows OS at every launch - this avoids requesting for privilege elevation :)