Windows 10 gestures on the Logitech Touchpad T650 with AutoHotKey

If you are one of the few people with the Logitech Wireless Rechargable Touchpad T650, and on Windows 10, you’ve probably been wanting some Windows 10 gestures like I have – particularly Virtual Desktop switching.

Logitech’s SetPoint software is unfortunately closed-source and not very customisable. This particular device has no method of hand editing the xml files to redefine the special touch gestures. Lame.

I have posted this feature suggestion to Logitech (a “Precision Touchpad” driver would be seriously amazing), but in the meantime, here’s my own solution, which piggy backs on SetPoint’s hotkey send events:

(Bonus: My other personal ahk hotkeys if you’re interested: thinkpad.ahk.)

Note: You will need to install SetPoint in Windows 8 compatibility mode. SetPoint defaults to a Windows 7 gestures profile on Windows 10.

If SetPoint is already installed (it probably is), you will need to:

  • Manually set Windows 8 compatibility mode on SetPoint.exe (you will notice that the gesture demo videos change in SetPoint)
  • Then delete `C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Logitech\SetPoint\user.xml` (this forces the Windows 8 gesture profile to overwrite the old one already saved)

(I unchecked Switch applications as it doesn’t seem to work on Windows 10)

It’s definitely a nice touchpad, but I only have it because someone thought I’d be fun to buy a $20 giant touchpad. Maybe now I’ll find some use for it after all.

Sigh, if only the precision touchpad driver standard was the default.