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ThinkPad T450s DIY screen replacement

Replacing the screen with a non-Lenovo FRU screen panel

Buying stuff from Dell

My not so great experiences shopping with Dell, in an attempt to save $$$

How to plan a hotpot


Infosec links

The path to becoming a l33t h4x0R

Finishing my Computer Engineering degree

I finally graduate, learn lots about computers, and amass a big debt

SoundCloud oddities

I migrate a bunch of podcasts to a paid SoundCloud subscription - Trouble ensues...

Protect young children on the internet – K9 Web Protection quick start

K9 is a free internet filter which does a pretty good job

“Uneven boldness” with Chinese characters on Office/Windows 10

I was recently showing a PowerPoint with some Chinese characters.

Mini DisplayPort Breakdown

I have a thing against Mini DisplayPort. Ah, the cause of so many of my problems. I’ve been through broken mDP (Mini DisplayPort) cables, broken mDP ports, and “non-working” mDP to HDMI adaptors causing havoc. It’s things like having to drive to a shop just to buy a working adaptor when you really need it, or figuring out what angle to bend the cable to get a projector working for a 21st party (yep).

[link] Interesting blog

Stumbled across Philip Guo’s blog, as I was (initially) searching for programming interview tips. Worth visiting for any software / computer science-y people out there, with insights into Phd and academia life. Hard work! http://pgbovine.net/programming-interview-tips.htm https://www.youtube.com/user/pgbovine/