Software good enough to put online ;)

Minecraft Server Dashboard (2013)

Minecraft server management, simplified. Start hosting your own Minecraft server now, from home. 7,000+ downloads Project page

Brightness Tray (2015)

The missing laptop brightness slider. Project page

Wii Remote Presenter for PowerPoint (2015)

Use your wiimote to control PowerPoint with this addin written in C# Project page
More coming soon
More stuff

Personal projects

The nice thing about personal projects is that you build something nice for yourself 🙂

I also have been doing a bunch of web design on the side, which has come in handy.

Other stuff can be found on my GitHub, mainly stars for interesting projects. GitHub is a great place to find and share examples of code and usages of (sometimes obscure) libraries.

University stuff

Uni projects included building a terrible Connect 4 game in Java, a processor with VHDL, DES encryption on a Zedboard, and building a scalable video transcoding service on AWS.

For my Computer Engineering honours thesis, I worked on a research project for UNSW, involving Linux kernel development, FPGAs, python/bash scripting, compilers, web dev and midnight Maccas + Oporto. Fun times.

Fun videos:

  • A line-following robot using Lego NXT - From first year, when no-one knew anything about anything. I think the aim of the course was to stimulate team work?
  • COMP2121 'Microwave simulator' - From second year. Coded entirely in AVR assembly code! Just the tip of the iceberg of "tedious project work". Sadly COMP2121 is being replaced for new students 🙁

Warranty disclaimer

Any software that I've released are fuuly certified:

* yes, this is a joke