Free time stuff

Minecraft Server Dashboard

Minecraft server management, simplified. Start hosting your own Minecraft server now, from home. 7,000+ downloads Project page

Brightness Tray

The missing laptop brightness slider. Project page

Wii Remote Presenter for PowerPoint

Use your wiimote to control PowerPoint with this addin written in C# Project page
More stuff

Personal projects

The majority of my personal projects are purpose built solutions, where I am user (and know exactly what my requirements are :P)

"VisionScreens" is a new-ish project, to build my own church presentation software. I plan to (at least) learn C#, WPF, Sqlite along the way. An alpha in maybe 2017/18 summer. I'm also keen to move (back) to Qt/Qml/C++ afterwards. (This idea has already been on the backburner for a few years.) I find UI design enjoyable - prototype screenshots are available here.

Apart from this project, I also have been learning web design on the side, which has come in handy.

Other stuff can be found on my GitHub, mainly stars for interesting projects. GitHub is a great place to find and share examples of code and usages of (obscure) libraries.

University stuff:

Oh, Uni. Maths, Physics, Electrical Engineering. As a computing student I was always more interested in the computing subjects. Uni projects included building a terrible Connect 4 game in Java, a processor with VHDL, DES encryption on a Zedboard, and building a scalable video transcoding service on AWS.

Some videos survived from Uni:

Warranty disclaimer

Any software that I've released are fuuly certified:

* yes, this is a joke