The best thing about personal projects is that you build something nice for yourself 🙂

All work on this page was done in my own personal spare time – so please understand that I can only provide limited support.

I have made the source code public on GitHub, find it at @navhaxs. I encourage you to fork and explore the code should you need to tweak it, improve upon it, etc.


7000+ downloads // Active development during 2013-2015

Status: This project has been discontinued. Whilst the WPF frontend holds up okay, I really do not wish to be maintaining code from my highschool days!! It would be really nice if I was able to finish porting this to C#.

Windows utilities

  • Laptop Brightness slider - A brightness slider for Windows.

  • WokeMonitor - Prevent your laptop from going to sleep when closing the lid, if an external display is active. Docking for cheapskates.

PowerPoint add-ins

COM add-ins are pretty interesting – you can lock down a computer from executing untrusted EXEs, but you can also still make Office load an untrusted DLL 😉

PowerPoint utilities

  • PowerGlue - Force PowerPoint to always output on the projector (Prevents PowerPoint from occasionally choosing a third extended monitor)

Web design

I’ve helped friends on a bunch of website projects. Web design comes in handy - if you’re interested in web design I’d definately encourage you to give it a go! 😎

Warranty disclaimer

Any software that I release is 100% certified with:


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