Jeremy Wong

Hi there!

I am a Computer Engineering graduate from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Currently I work as a developer on a geospatial data analysis platform, developing on the UI/UX and the backend systems.

This is my online space where I post and then (endlessly) revise some of my thoughts. I won’t be updating this site too much now that I’ve started working full time (and along with life’s other good things).

You can also find published bits of code on the projects page. Hopefully things end up being useful to others! 🙂

Outside of my job, I have a general interest in sound tech and vision systems, do some web development/IT for friends and some Christian organisations, love discovering good/new music, food (durian == yes!), browsing funny tweets, and lately some fitness (joined a touch football team + swimming). I’d totally go cycling more if the cycleways were better around here.


‘jeremy’ [at] this domain


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