Use a Wii Remote to navigate through slides in a PowerPoint presentation with this addin


Note: If you are actually looking for something a bit more flexible, can I recommend Wii Mouse - which can also make use of the IR as an ubber cool mouse pointer! Check it out.

This addin for PowerPoint will automate the pairing of a Wii remote – without needing to go through the Windows Bluetooth control panel. Once paired and connected, a number of actions can be used:

  • Use the D-Pad to move the current slide forwards and backwards
  • 1 and 2 buttons to blank the screen (white/black)
  • Plus and Minus will zoom the slide (PowerPoint 2013).

No need for a separate program such as GlovePIE, etc. to receive the Wiimote data. Everything should just work right from PowerPoint


  • Bluetooth enabled PC
  • PowerPoint 2007+ (will work with click-to-run Office installations)
  • Wii Remote


Please make sure you save your work in case this PowerPoint crashes!

Current status

Everything mentioned here works. Configure mapping (button actions) not implemented.

Download & Source