I was recently showing a PowerPoint with some Chinese characters. Some of characters’ stroke thickness were uneven between different characters. It seemed rather random why only some characters appeared bolded, whilst others weren’t – even though the bold style had not been applied.

[[ image here ]]

Turns out that this could be a ‘feature’ of Windows 10 not including the Chinese equivalent to the Calibri (sans-serif thin style) by default. Microsoft has a CloudFonts service which will pull the missing font from the internet on an as-needed basis.

So opening the Office documents (e.g. Word, PowerPoint) with the missing font will trigger the font download from the cloud. This is shown in the status bar of the Office product.

[[ image here ]]


So, in theory you just need to wait for the font to download automatically.

However, you can download the font directly for offline use here:

Adding Chinese as a language in the Windows 10 settings does not seem to be a pre-requisite if only viewing Chinese documents.