Here are some of the activities I used some lessons aimed at a class of school kids learning coding skills.

All activities were coded using the special micro:bit version of TouchDevelop. The ability to “click-to-code” using the on-screen keyboard was excellent as an entry-level coding environment, considering that some are slow typers. However, the advanced text (actual code typing) mode was disabled on this special micro:bit version, which was a bummer for the older kids (and myself…)

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First steps – the LED display

  • How to use code editor
  • Print your name
  • Downloading code to micro:bit
  • Create an animation

Introducing the “shake” sensor

  • Step counter
  • Rock paper scissors – kids really loved this one!
  • Rolling dice

Simple games

  • Virtual Pet – from Micro Bit website teaching resources
  • Simon memory game
  • Line of Fire – from Micro Bit website teaching resources. Kids are very competitive with each other…
  • Coin Game

Sound – everyone was itching to get to the sound lessons

  • Sound generator – play some basic tones
    • Hook up to accelerometer
  • Beatbox
  • Simon game version 2 (with sound)

Harder games

  • Maze runner – TODO: ported from yt video
  • Math quiz – randomly generates maths questions, and presents either a correct or wrong answer. The player answers TRUE or FALSE.

Managed to keep most busy for an entire school term!