If you are one of the few people with the Logitech Wireless Rechargable Touchpad T650, and on Windows 10, you’ve probably been wanting some Windows 10 gestures like I have – particularly Virtual Desktop switching.

Logitech’s SetPoint software is unfortunately closed-source and not very customisable. This particular device has no method of hand editing the xml files to redefine the special touch gestures. Lame.

I have posted this feature suggestion to Logitech (a “Precision Touchpad” driver would be seriously amazing), but in the meantime, here’s my own solution, which piggy backs on SetPoint’s hotkey send events:

(Bonus: My other personal ahk hotkeys if you’re interested: thinkpad.ahk.)

Install instructions:

The above code is a AutoHotKey script. Download and save the script to your computer. For example, I keep my all my miscellaneous scripts/utilities in a folder called C:\Opt\.

To run the script, download and install AutoHotKey.


Double-click the script to run it! Try out the four finger swipe gestures… it should switch between Virtual Desktops (unless there is only 1).

If all works well, you want to get the script to autostart on login. Simply place a shortcut to the script file in your Startup folder. (Alternatively create a logon task in Task Scheduler, although I find that it sometimes gets killed after sleep?)

SetPoint configuration screenshot:


I unchecked _Switch applications_ as it doesn’t seem to work on Windows 10


It’s definitely a nice touchpad, but I only have it because someone thought I’d be fun to buy a $20 giant touchpad. Maybe now I’ll find some use for it after all, at least for some handy gestures.

Sigh, if only the precision touchpad driver standard was the default.


Previously I wrote that you needed to apply Windows 8 comparability mode to SetPoint. I don’t think this is true anymore as after a fresh Windows installation my script works just fine without any compatibility mode set.

However, the SetPoint UI does incorrectly show the videos/checkboxes for the Windows 7 gestures profile for the T650 touchpad on Windows 10. You can compare the creation of the file  C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Logitech\SetPoint\user.xml between setting the Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatibility modes, if you’re interested – delete the file between tries. This file probably is maybe only generated, never actually read.

I’ve also begun to notice some unusual behaviour, likely after new update  – perhaps the Creator’s Update? If you open Device Manager, you may notice the device tree view flashing every now and then as Windows seems to repeatedly fire a device scan. This only happens when the T650 is connected. I noticed this behaviour when trying to select a disk in Rufus, as the device list kept refreshing before I could select any of the options (i.e. the checkboxes kept clearing by themselves every couple of seconds!) Switching off the T650 remedies this.